Expo 2015 Themes / 2010

The city of Milan hosted the 2015 Universal Exposition focused on technology, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity related to food and diet. I worked together with the Expo team to collect and structure the data as well as designing the first drafts of a visualization aimed at communicating the complexity of the theme.

Milan organized a universal exposition on the theme of Food with the title “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. Food is a very complex theme, being much more than mere feeding. In fact it has influenced history, environment, industrial economical and social development as much as tastes and art. The visualization, rather than a pure analytical visual tool, aimed at generating interest, while helping to explain the context and impact of the themes.

DensityDesign's collaboration with Expo served as a re-organization of the main theme - food - and the identification of its sub-themes. First of all, we needed to make a selection of the sub-themes, isolate them and trying to develop a network of relations among them. Starting from hand sketches on which we constantly worked in refining the connections among themes we then developed a final digital version of the network, on which we based the analysis of the themes interconnection.

The visualization has been part of the Expo 2015 exhibition titled “1906-2015: verso l’Expo di Milano” at Triennale di Milano museum. The exhibition was set also to travel throughout Italy to introduce and present the Expo themes.

Watch this beautiful animated video made by Anna Bassi and Mario Porpora (DensityDesign) describing the idea and the design behind the visualization.

My role in this project

I have managed the project in its initial phases, contributing to gathering and analyzing the data as well as defining the first visual concepts.


This project is a collaboration between DensityDesign and Expo2015 Milano. It has been directed by Michele Mauri and developed by Luca Masud, Mario Porpora, Lorenzo Fernandez, Giorgio Caviglia and Donato Ricci.