Dust / 2010

Dust is a research project developed at DensityDesign for Iridescent Learning, a nonprofit organization in the United States committed to create and deliver powerful science, engineering and technology education to help underprivileged children develop.

The project’s aim is to provide a freely available, web based information visualization tool that supports parents in exploring and comparing the educational offerings (from Pre-K to High School) from selected major cities in the United States. I have been involved in the initial phase of the project, managing, developing and designing the first prototypes of the tool.

Dust has been the main project of Matteo Azzi's Master Thesis. You can read more about its next developments here and in this paper we submitted to the Parson Journal for Information Mapping.

You can try an old demo of the tool here (Flash required).

My role in this project

I have been Dust's Project Manager, main Developer and Designer in its initial stages.
Many people have contributed to Dust: Matteo Azzi, Emanuele Bonetti, Loredana Bontempi, Giorgio Caviglia, Michele Graffieti, Mario Porpora, Donato Ricci.