I am always looking for new opportunities and collaborations in both academic and commercial contexts. You can download my CV or reach me through one of the contacts below.

Short bio

I have obtained a MSc in Communication Design and a PhD in Design at the Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy), where I have been part of DensityDesign since its foundation and up to 2013. My research has been focused on data-driven visualizations and interfaces to support both academic and industry needs (Humanities and Social Sciences, Urban Studies, Statistics, Business Intelligence,...).

I have participated in many internationally renowned design and data visualization projects. My work has been featured in numerous venues and publications (ACM SIGGRAPH, MIT, Harvard University, Stanford University, École Normale Supérieure Paris, MediaLAB Prado Madrid, EXPO2010 Shanghai, O'Reilly Strata, Fast Company, Visual Complexity, Wired), collecting awards and recognition worldwide (Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards, Malofiej, Fast Company Innovation By Design Awards).

Prior to my current job at Trifacta, I have been a postdoc fellow at Stanford University, working at the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA).


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