Hi, my name is Giorgio Caviglia and I am a designer with 10+ years of experience in building digital products.

I am Principal Designer at Trifacta, building tools for data preparation. Before that, I have been a designer, researcher, consultant and teacher at several international instutions, such as Stanford University, Politecnico di Milano, Accurat, ISIA Urbino, IULM Milan. I have a MSc in Communication Design and a PhD in Design from the Politecnico di Milano (Italy).

My work has received awards and recognition worldwide (Fast Company Innovation By Design Awards, Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards, Malofiej) and it has been featured in numerous venues and publications (Fast Company, ACM SIGGRAPH, Taschen, Gestalten, WIRED Magazine, Springer, MIT, Harvard University, Stanford University, O'Reilly Strata, École Normale Supérieure Paris, MediaLAB Prado Madrid,...).


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Le mappe del sapere – Visual data di arti, nuovi linguaggi, diritti: l’infografica ridisegna le conoscenze. Triennale di Milano (Milan, Italy), November 14 - December 14, 2014

The Art of Networks. Foosaner Art Museum (Melbourne FL, USA), March 9 - April 8, 2012

1906–2015 / Verso Expo Milano 2015. Triennale di Milano (Milan, Italy), February 5 - 27, 2011

An Italy of Innovators. Expo 2010 Shanghai, Italian Pavillion (Shanghai, China), June 24 - 29, 2010

I De Agostini e la Cartografia - Centoventi anni di Cartografia in Italia. Politecnico di Milano, Campus Bovisa (Milan, Italy), February 27 - March 27, 2010

SiGGRAPH 09 - The 36th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Tecniques. Ernest N. Morial Convention Center / Emerging Technologies Pavillion (New Orleans LA, USA), August 3 - 7, 2009

Visualizar 08 - Database City. Medialab Prado (Madrid, Spain), November 3 - 18, 2008

Invited Talks and Demos

Le projet Mapping the Republic of Letters: Palladio un nouvel outil proposé au chercheur pour explorer ses données. Atelier DigitHUm 2014, Ecole normale supérieure de Paris (Paris, France), October 2, 2014

Mapping the Republic of Letters: les pratiques de cartographie comme instruments heuristiques pour les humanités numériques. Les fabriques cartographiques contemporaines: de la modélisation aux pratiques empiriques? Université Rennes 2 (Rennes, France), June 2014

Idiographic Network Visualizations: Bringing the Construction and the Manipulation of Network Graphs Up Front. Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks. 5th Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2014, University of California, Berkeley, June 3, 2014

Palladio. Harvard metaLAB’s OpenLab, Arts@29Garden (Cambridge, MA), April 23, 2014

Humanities + Design: A Laboratory Model for Humanistic Research. Design and the Digital Humanities, 55th M/MLA Annual Convention: “Art and Artifice” (Milwaukee, WI), November 7, 2013

Palladio. Hestia2@Stanford: Visualizing Complex Networks, Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA), Stanford University (Stanford, CA)., November 4-5, 2013

Design and the Digital Humanities: so near, so far. New Perspectives New Technologies 2 - Digital Humanities: a Dialogue between Visual Arts and Sciences. Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Auditorium Santa Margherita (Venice, Italy), October 15, 2013

Dealing with Uncertainty, Instability and Uniqueness. Visualizing Uncertainty and Complexity Workshop, Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA), Stanford University, (Stanford, CA), May 29, 2013

Design Research Theory and Methods. Early Modern Time & Networks, Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA), Stanford University (Stanford, CA), August 15, 2012

Digital Humanities Data Visualization. San Francisco State University (San Francisco, CA), August 31, 2011

Visualization, the Eye of History. Stanford Humanities Center (SHC), Stanford University, (Stanford, CA), May 3, 2011

Interaction Models for Exploring Uncertainty. Mapping the Republic of Letters, Fondazione Giorgio Cini (Venice, Italy), March 16, 2011

The Shape of the Media-City. humanities + digital. Visual Interpretation Conference. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA), May 20, 2010

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